Casa Alejandro

Casa Alejandro

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The master bedroom

The master bedroom lies on the first floor and is a real eye-catcher, spacious with beautiful Spanish details. When waking up and opening the curtains, you’ll step directly on a large terrace with magnificent views that stretch, on a clear day, all the way to Morocco or Gibraltar. This is our favourite place to have breakfast in the morning sun.

  • King-sized bed
  • Possibility for a fifth bed
  • 2 windows for plenty of light (though with blackout curtains for a good night’s rest)
  • Private Bathroom beside the master bedroom
  • Tasteful
  • Mosquito net
  • Very large wardrobe with plenty of hangers

Ground floor bedroom

On the ground floor you’ll find a smaller bedroom. With a quite atmosphere and your own adjacent bathroom, guests find themselves immediately at home.

  • Two one-person beds
  • Large window
  • Blackout curtains for a good night’s rest
  • Private bathroom beside
  • Mosquito net
  • Very large wardrobe with plenty of hangers


There are two modern, comfortable bathrooms. One is adjacent to the master bedroom and the other one’s downstairs. Both are equipped with toiled, shower in bath, a window and a large mirror. The taps and sink are embedded in a beautifully Spanish marble counter that offers more than sufficient space for your toiletries.

La cocina

La cocina is a spacious and modern dining-kitchen, supplied with all modern necessities. There are plenty of cupboards, roof windows, a hearth, a large modern fridge en a large dining table. The door comes out to the garden where lunch or dinner can be served on the terrace for that luxury feeling.

Extra’s: oven, washing machine and a breakfast bar with two bar stools and a window looking out into the living room.

The living room

The living room is modern with two couches, various attractive places and coves, a ceiling-fan and nicely lit all around.

The television has channels in all languages and the modern ceiling fan ensures a cooling breeze on a hot summer evening.

The hearth is connected to the kitchen (it has doors on both sides) and even though you’ll never need it, it adds cosiness and charm to the villa.

Very fast Wi-Fi is available.

All English and Irish channels

Sorry, pets are not allowed except for Lizzy the house-gecko.

The garden

Our intimate garden offers a beautiful aspect of Casa Alejandro. With a beautiful terrace, grass and surrounded by tropical flora such a banana trees, a lemon tree and an apple tree, it measures nearly 900 square feet. It’s feels like a luxury lying on the sunbed surrounded by the scent of the Burgmansia.

This angel’s trumpet tree is beautiful but beauty comes at a price. It’s highly toxic and hallucinogenic.

The greatest thing of this garden is the privacy. Thanks to the white wall surrounding the garden, peeping Tommies have fortunately no chance whatsoever. The construction also makes this house very safe although it’s a very quiet neighbourhood where nothing ever happens anyway. This private feature does however not obstruct the view of beautiful clearblue skies and with a beautiful starry skies at night.

  • Table with four comfortable modern chairs and parasol.
  • Two sunbeds

From our guests we hear that the large terraces in combination with the intimate garden makes Casa Alejandro a beautiful holiday home with lots of privacy.